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Premier Conveyors Services

Premier Conveyors are the Hunter Valley distributor and service provider for the full range of Flexco Products providing our clients with the highest quality products and maintenance support services.

Premier Service

Premier Conveyors service team members are multi-skilled and competent in a wide range of disciplines and are able to cover a large range of conveyor maintenance requirements from Conveyor belt installation and splicing, gearbox and conveyor drive repairs to belt cleaner servicing and general conveyor maintenance.

Service Labour

Normal Time* (Monday to Friday Day-work)
Overtime and Weekends

Premier Conveyors all inclusive service rate.

Our aim is to make our service rates as uncomplicated as possible and we offer an all inclusive rate.
Premier Conveyors offer an “all inclusive” service rate encompassing labour, vehicles basic electrical and lifting equipment.

– All services at one inclusive rate. (Supervisors, Splicers, Tradesmen, Conveyor Technicians, Riggers and Equipment Operators)
– Supervisors have S1, S2 & S3 Training – All other team members are safety trained and able to work without Supervision.

– Service hourly rates include;
• Standard service vehicles,
• Basic Electrical tools, Rubber Buffs & Wires, Grinders, Drills, Leads etc…
• Basic lifting equipment incl ½ Tonne Pull Lift, Slings, shackles etc in all vehicles,
• Hand tools.

Premier Conveyors Services Capability;

• Conveyor Inspections and Audits,
• Belt Cleaner Installation and Service,
• Conveyor Maintenance,
• Conveyor Belt Installation, Splicing, Repairs,
• Pulley Lagging (w/shop or in-situ),
• Installation and Servicing of Belt Cleaning Systems,
• Lubrication of Conveyor Systems,
• Drive Gearbox Maintenance,
• Management of Conveyor Spares such as consignment stock of rollers,
• Site and In-house installation of Flexco Fasteners,
• Breakdown support 24/7.

Belt Cleaners Installation and Maintenance

– Premier Conveyor Belt Cleaning System Design Philosophy

The belt cleaning system needs to remove and confine all carry-back including water from any water sprays to the chute area and not permit the carryback to pass on down the conveyor.

Belt Cleaner Installations

Belt cleaning systems should be designed to provide efficient belt cleaning with safe external adjustment to each belt cleaner during operation. External adjustment should be accessible from the walkways or head end access platforms without the need to isolate the conveyor and remove guards.

Effective belt cleaning systems need to consider a range of issues to achieve the desired cleaning standard such as;
• Product type, (Adhesion)
• Conveyor belt and splice/fastener type,
• Chute size and limitations,
• Belt Speed and Dynamics,
• Access to Head Chute Surrounds,
• The required level of cleaning efficiency.

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are the most important aspect of any belt cleaner maintenance program.

Visual inspections can quickly determine the condition and effectiveness of the belt cleaning system by observing the return belt and carryback residue, build ups etc.. as well as locating problems with belt cleaning systems such as fractured or worn out cleaner tips, broken or bent components, blocked water spray nozzles, collapsed stabilising idlers etc.. which allows servicing/maintenance to be undertaken prior to belt damage occurring.

Inspections should also observe and report on issues affecting belt cleaning system such as damage to the conveyor belt, tracking, pulley lagging, and pressure rollers.

An inspection that finds excessive carry-back without equipment problems indicates the belt cleaning system has been operating for some time at much less than optimum performance and certainly outside performance guaranteed carry-back levels.

Service Schedule

Scheduled belt cleaner servicing is important to the success of the belt cleaning system results.

The service frequency of the belt cleaning system will be determined by three main factors; the designated service interval, the tonnes since the last service and any obvious cleaner damage.

As a general rule, most belt cleaner tungsten tips will last approximately 5-10 million tonnes per annum. The amount of ash and moisture in the product will directly affect the tungsten in service life. Cushions can last up to 2-3 service intervals.

Belt Cleaner service work would cover associated items such as pressure / belt support rollers, inspection doors and any Water control Units.

Generally conveyors are not available to test run and check the result of adjustment after servicing on the day and that is why the ability to carry out adjustments during inspections is important.

Conveyor Belt Installation & Splicing

Premier Conveyors have a range of equipment capable of providing the best in conveyor belt installation and splicing.

Plant and Equipment include:
– Belt Winders to 1600BW with 10 tonne capacity.
– Belt Vulcanisers to 1600BW
– Spot Repair Vulcanisers
– Lifting capacity to 20 Tonnes
– Service vehicles including tabletops and trucks.

Hot Vulcanised Repairs

Hot Vulcanised Repairs
Premier Conveyors specialise in hot vulcanised conveyor belt repairs.

Belt Thickness Testing

The primary purpose of Static Cover Thickness Measurements is to determine a trended wear pattern and rate of wear for steel corded, fabric and solid woven belts. This maximises the life of the existing belt by predicting the end of its usable life and providing a tool for effective maintenance and allowing belt changes to be incorporated into the relevant budget cycle.

Premier Conveyors determine the thickness of both covers at predetermined locations. Each static thickness analysis gives a clear indication over time of the belts wear profile which allows two main benefits.
Firstly, knowledge of wear patterns help to determine such problems as dropped skirts, tracking issues, product build up beneath the return path (causing excessive wear) or load point impacting.
Secondly, forecasting end of belt life enables multiple repair options such as turning over of belts or realigning of load chutes.

These two benefits help to extend the safe working life of the conveyor belt. Cover thickness measurements can be obtained from steel cord, fabric and solid woven belts.

The thickness of both the carry and pulley covers are measured and graphed at predetermined locations along the belt. This gives a cross sectional view of the belt and the wear profile at that specific location.

Based on these static thickness measurements, Premier Conveyors create a service life prediction for the belting at its current rate of wear.

Conveyor Belt Thickness Test Example
– Top Cover minimum thickness 1.2mm (9th July 2014)
– Splice has several areas to ply (30th July 2014)
– Belt to be changed 20th August 2014

belt thickness testing

Laser Alignment

Premier Conveyors Laser Alignment Services improves the overall conveyor performance using state-of-the art laser equipment and digital processors. Our team can accurately analyse the alignment of all the conveyor components and structure of the conveyor for better efficiency.

– Improves Conveyor Efficiency – by extending belt life and components, improving dust control, and reduced power consumption.
– Provides Accurate Analysis – of all conveyor pulleys, drives, take-ups, components and structure.
– Total Satisfaction Guaranteed – all of our laser alignment and conveyor services is guaranteed each and every time.


Premier Conveyors infrared imaging capabilities can be very useful for detecting thermal anomalies caused by mechanical problems in conveyors and plant equipment.
Companies today are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs while maintaining production. Infrared thermography is valuable for surveying electrical problems, yet some of its most important applications are in mechanical systems. Plants often contain thousands of low-speed bearings that are virtually impossible to inspect cost-effectively using vibration monitoring. For example, conveyor system idlers—which have a direct influence on production when they fail—are quite easy to inspect with thermography. As a highly visual condition monitoring technology, our infrared cameras present information clearly and effectively. The source of thermal anomalies can be identified and repaired before equipment fails, yielding multiple benefits.

Service Contacts

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Stephen Horvath – Technical Sales
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