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Premier Conveyors Partners

Premier Conveyors path to success has great support from these wonderful multi-national companies;

Flexco has been in business for more than 100 years and is a privately-held company. As an industry leader since 1907, Flexco understands that your belt conveyors play a critical role in your productivity. That’s why we constantly strive to make them more productive, through a combination of superior products and sound advice.

Flexco makes products that enhance Belt Conveyor Productivity including;
• Mechanical belt fastening systems,
• Belt maintenance and installation tools,
• Belt Cleaners and Ploughs,
• Pulley lagging,
• Belt Cleats,

Partners with Premier Conveyors since May, 2006.


Established in 1982, JIMWAY is an innovative conveyor accessories manufacturer.
– Wear Resistant Lining Products,
– Conveyor Pulley manufacture,
– Conveyor Roller Manufacture – Steel and HDPE,
– Impact Beds,
– Pulley lagging,
– Skirt Containment Systems.

Partners with Premier Conveyors since July 2006

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