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Flexco Skirt Systems

Flex-Loc™ Skirt Systems

Our versatile skirt clamp design makes it easy to eliminate loading-point spillage on any conveyor loading site – even in severe heavy-loading applications.

Flex-Lok™ installs easily and features a unique interlocking design that allows one person to replace or reposition skirt rubber. When properly installed, the skirt rubber will not rub on the belt or cause premature wear or gouge marks on the belts.

Flex-Lok™ utilises a unique clamp pin and wedge lock assembly, so the assembly can be locked in any position 360° around the pin. Clamp plates and pins can also be placed in various positions along the clamp runners – even in the most restrictive environments.

Two models are available to fit your conveyor requirements.

Mini Flex-Lok™

Mini Flex Lok

Mini Flex Lok

Mini Flex-Lok™ with an overall height of just 135mm, the Mini Flex-Lok™ is the ideal remedy for loading-point spillage in restricted space applications.







Standard Flex-Lok™

Standard Flex-Loc™ Skirt has an overall height of 203mm.





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