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Belt Trackers

Eliminator® PT Max™

The PT Max™ is the only true high-performance belt trainer on the market. Unlike conventional trainers that rely only on the centre pivot to steer the belt, the PT Max employs the unique “pivot and tilt” action that provides a greater training influence on the belt. The PT Max reacts and compensates instantly to belt misalignment, and helps keep material on the belt where it belongs.

Unlike conventional trainers that only pivot, PT trainers also tilt to bring belts back in line faster. Here’s how. Sensor rollers allow for a predetermined degree of belt wander. Once the belt moves beyond these limits, twin sensor rollers engage the belt edge, causing the top frame to begin a pivoting action. This pivoting action immediately triggers a corresponding tilting action that increases tension in the belt on the side that is tracking off, and reduces the tension on the opposite side. This uneven tension causes the belt to move back to centre.

The dual rollers safe guard belt edges. Twin sensor rollers on each arm increase the surface contact area when engaged on the belt’s edge. This greatly reduces severe edge pressure and minimizes belt-edge damage.

Rockline Positioners

The Rockline® RBP1 Belt Positioner™ is the simple, reliable solution for problem belts that continuously mistrack to one side of the conveyor. The Belt Positioner works on the return side belt using simple angled rollers mounted in a fixed position to quickly and continuously funnel the belt into the correct path.

Installed before the tail pulley, the Belt Positioner keeps the belt centred at its critical loading point. The RBP1 can also be used at the head pulley, before or after the take-up pulley or anywhere on the return beltline where there is a belt tracking problem. It can also be used on reversing belts.

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