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Premier “Easy Load” Chutes

Premier Conveyors “EASY LOAD” Transfer Chutes

Undoubtedly the majority of conveyor belt wear and damage occurs in the loading zone through problems with the transfer point design.easy_load_chute_1

Conventional style transfer chutes usually involve impact and rarely consider the effect of the product materials interaction with the conveyor belt at the loading point. And how the impact wears and abrades the belt top cover, reducing the belts in service life.

These transfers create excessive conveyor down time, cause unnecessary spillage, run up costly maintenance bills and are not considerate of today’s increasing environmental standards.

The impact also spreads the product throughout the chute and the energy loss slows its passage through the transfer requiring the skirt and lower chutes to work hard as well as unnecessary lower chute wear.

The Premier Conveyors “EASY LOAD” Transfers concept controls the flow path by centralizing and consolidating the product material trajectory and utilising the energy of the product to load it in the direction of the receival conveyor belt with little impact or change to the velocity.

easy_load_chute_2 The Premier Conveyors “EASY LOAD” transfer chute concept can be incorporated into most existing conventional style head chute arrangements with only minor modification making the modification affordable and worthwhile.

Installing a curved clamshell into the upper chute will catch and consolidate the product coal using its natural velocity and trajectory to create a vertical column to the lower chute arrangement where it will soft load onto the receival conveyor

The paybacks are immediate from the date on installation off setting capital costs and improving conveyor system efficiency and availability.

The Premier Conveyors “EASY LOAD” transfer lower chute concept ensures central loading in all situations, reducing the need for skirt systems and aiding belt tracking and product profiling.

Product containing heavy clays may require wall adhesion tests to define the best chute liner materials coefficients and angles.

The Premier Conveyors “EASY LOAD” transfer concept utilises the latest technology in trajectory analysis, 3D modeling to maximize product flow, reducing down time, extending belt life and improving conveyor efficiency and availability.

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