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Prior to the commencement of any job, pre start meetings or toolbox talks are held to discuss the potential hazards involved in the task, identified through a risk assessment or Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

Discussions between employees and the job Supervisor of the work ensure all control measures are in place before work commences.  Management will monitor the effectiveness of control measures.

Employees will also be involved in safety inspections and safety observation programs.  These observations will help ensure housekeeping, work practices, plant and equipment are of a working order and meet the required safety standards.

Premier Conveyors will self-monitor our performance and ensure our safety on site is of the highest standard.

The Management of Premier Conveyors will be responsible for, and accountable to provide the quality process, effective systems, practices, structure, equipment, education and training, such that employees/sub-contractors will conduct work with a managed risk approach.

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