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Belt Cleaners

Efficient belt cleaning systems are now recognised as essential and necessary to cost effective conveyor systems and they should reduce maintenance down times, extend conveyor component life and reduce the need to continuously clean under conveyor systems.

In keeping with the Flexco tradition, Flexco realise belt conditions vary from situation to situation and have belt cleaners for all belt scenarios whether it’s fully spliced, fully spliced but worn through years of service or whether the requirement involves mechanical fasteners, Flexco has the cleaner to meet your requirements.

Belt Cleaners for Fully Spliced Belts

Flexco “H” Type Eliminator Belt Cleaners

The “H” Type Eliminator is a heavy duty scalping cleaner designed for fitment directly onto the head cleaner just below the centre line. The design allows fitting to almost any head chute, regardless of space restrictions. “H” Type cleaners also have the advantage of being suitable for multi-directional belts, where the ideal arrangement is to have a cleaner at either end of the conveyor. Where very sticky materials are being carried, an “H” type as a primary cleaner in combination with a “P” type for the final cleaning makes an ideal basic system.

Flexco “P” Type Eliminator Belt Cleaners

The Flexco “P” Type cleaner is a secondary cleaner ideal for the removal of fines and slimes. The cleaner operates by applying pressure through to the cleaning tips rubber cushions mounted on the support pole. The rubber cushions allow the tungsten tips to operate independently and conform to minor irregularities and movements in the conveyor belt. The “P” Type cleaners are suitable for one-way directional belts and should not be used in reversing situations.

Flexco “Spray pole” “P” Type Belt Cleaners

The Flexco Spraypole is an amazing variation to the standard “P” Type cleaner which converts dry adhered carryback into a slurry residue prior to the cleaner tips. The significances of this action are that the belt cleaner performance is improved by 60% and significantly reduces friction between the cleaner and the belt surface.

Adding a measured quantity of water across the belt has the same effect as using water with windscreen wipers.

Flexco “R” Type Belt Cleaners

The Flexco “R” Type is a slim line cleaner generally only used on reversing belt situations where it is not physically possible to fit an alternate size or design of cleaner. In some instances the “R” Type is also used as a secondary cleaner behind “H” Types for the two way travel installations.

Belt Cleaners for Worn Top Cover Situations

Through normal in service life, conveyor belts sometimes develop trough line fatigue and over time product will wear the top cover carry area.

Situations such as these have proved difficult for conventional straight blade design cleaners as they can not conform and consequently gaps appear between the scraper tips and the centre of the belt.

Flexco “U” Type Belt Cleaner

In the Flexco “U” type the scraping portion consists of a single flexible rubber and tungsten blade and is set in a shallow curved shape for operation.

The cleaning blade is offset to the support pole which allows the blade to pivot into position and conform to the belt cover.

The cleaning ability of the “U” type is further enhanced by spring self tensioning end assemblies.

The result is the best single blade belt cleaner on either new or worn conveyor belts.

Flexco Chevron Belt Cleaner>

Chevron, cleated and raised rib belts present a special problem for efficient cleaning. However, not cleaning these belts lets the carryback move along the return belt and cause all the familiar problems: mistracking, buildup and premature wear on idler rollers and resulting belt wear and damage. Flexco’s Chevron Belt Cleaner takes a new approach to cleaning these problem belts. Hundreds of rubber fingers create a rotary cleaning action that easily flicks carryback off the belt. And without the typical clogging and rapid wear problems associated with brush-type cleaners. Now there is a better solution for wet sand belts, wood chip belts and other raised top or grooved belts.

HD Underground Application with /without Mechanical Fasteners

Mineline™ MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge

The Mineline™ MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge Precleaner features segmented SuperShear™ blades that are engineered to stand up to the most abusive beltline conditions, such as wet, sticky fire clay, and maintain constant cleaning force. An offset pole design allows the blades to rotate into the belt, diminishing any twist or impact forces from mechanical splices or heavy volumes of carryback, while maintaining a consistent blade attack angle throughout the life of the blades.

The massive blades have an extended wear life and also have a quick-change blade cartridge feature. Add the option of choosing between a self-contained spring tensioner and an air/water tensioner and you have an extreme-duty cleaner that gets the job done – and with minimal maintenance.

The MHCP works with mechanical fasteners. The offset pole, shock-absorbing tensioner and the force distributor vents in the blades allow mechanical splices, skived and unskived, to pass without damage to the splice or the cleaner and with minimal cleaning disruption.

Mineline™ MHS Heavy-Duty

The Mineline™ MHS Heavy-Duty Secondary Belt Cleaner was designed to deliver and maintain superior cleaning efficiency, even on the most demanding, abusive beltlines. A revolutionary, patent-pending cushion design pushes the blades up to the belt and keeps them there. The carbide-tough cleaning tips penetrate the most abusive, sticky, wet carryback materials and drop them off the belt, quickly and completely. Dual spring tensioners preload the individual cushions and help to absorb any impact from mechanical splices. The MHS HD Secondary Belt Cleaner is the new answer to tough belt cleaning problems. It delivers high-efficiency cleaning, long-lasting performance – and with low maintenance.

The MHS works with mechanical splices. Tough carbide-tipped blades provide long wear life, high-performance cleaning and compatibility with mechanical splices. Multiple tensioning elements work together to cushion the initial impact of the splice hit and allow the blades to move quickly away from the belt until the splice passes.

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